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I sold a company and the new owner did not pay a note I had signed for with Sheffield. It was my fault and I accepted this. I had to press charges on the buyer while my score dropped 200 points. Guess what... Live and learn. Sheffield is doing what any other company would do. I borrowed from them since and I pay ahead to make sure my score is in the 700s. Get over it if you feel you were screwed. Any other finance outfit would have done... Read more

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I have used Sheffield several times over the years. When i have a choice on new equipment i choose them over the other options. Lenders have to protect themselves from bad debt/ loans. If you get denied its not there fault its yours. Add comment

Got a secured credit line through them at 17 and defaulted on it. Gave all the equipment back and only owed $3500. As a result they continue to update my credit report so it looks to be recent chsrge off to other lenders. Having paid off many small accounts im still unable to get any decent financing for anything now at 24 years old. Even equipment for my busniess other lenders efuse to work with me on because of their marks on my credit. Read more

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I got a motorcycle in 2014 under my name for my brother. I received some calls from them the first couple of months about late payments and I would remind my brother to pay for it. But last year(2015), my brother was behind on his payments. Which I had no idea because Sheffield didn't call me! I found out the same day, the bike was repossessed. My brother called them to sort things out but because the bike was under my name, I had to call in. So... Read more

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I paid my bill online. but each time I was told that my account was wrong from my bank. when I asked about my on line account I was told that they donot keep your account that it would becoming from the same account each have to put in your information each time you pay online, and each time it was wrong . I know my account # I have had it for over twenty years. Each time i was charged a late fee. Read more

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sheffeold denied me a line of credit, because it's my own fault for not complying with the creditor's I do have. so it is important to stay on top of payment's I now realize the effect's of not doing so. so in short words I MESSED MY OWN CREDIT AND PROUD TO ADMIT IT . just as anyother loans credit card and all, you miss a payment or 2 yeah that doe's hurt. so now I know what I need to do, and that is to stay on track n not to slip. so who ever... Read more

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Customer service needs more bedside manners...their service reps are very unprofessionally rude! Add comment

Horrible customer service just go to a real bank!! I too you'll the hit on my credit report to be denied for length of residence (13 years at same address, above 700 credit score, nothing in my credit report bad). I called to all how long i need to live somewhere they told me the denial reason was just made up that's not really why i was denied??? So they aren't required to tell you every other company does... Just go to a real bank with a... Read more

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I financed an Arctic Cat ATV I have nothing but rave reviews to give their customer service department They have been so nice to me I would give them more than 5 stars if I could I actually enjoy calling and talking to a live person that speaks English to make my payments. Add comment

BEWARE: This company is very incompetent.After applying for a loan with this company they turned me down saying my FICO score was 618 costing me an inquiry on my credit report when it was much higher than that like 677 from the agency where they claim they got the information.After applying somewhere else after looking bad I got a much better rate than they had offered anyway.These people don't know what they're doing.STAY AWAY! Definitely would... Read more

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