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I filed bankruptcy 6 years ago. 4 years on current job. Own my own house and have a loan for a truck. I've bought and paid off a arctic cat snowmobile before from Sheffield. Also married. I feel I'm being for a bankruptcy that Sheffield was not a part of .My credit score is not "bad". I also had intentions of putting $3000 cash down. So thank you I'll take my business elsewhere Add comment

I make 3k a month have 1 payment. (Truck) . My credit score is mid 650. Was pre approved for 150k home loan. My truck was 34k. This place won't give me a loan for a 8k sled. What a joke. I'll take my business elsewhere Add comment

Im not sure what this *** company has againest me but ive tried to finance two things with sheffield and was denied both times and my credit is not that bad . So *** yaw and your finançe company Add comment

I had gotten a little behind on payments, but then payed everything that was last due. Sheffield continued to call me telling me I hadn't gotten caught up. The person that took my payment only recorded the deferred payments of $35. And basically stole the rest of the almost $700 I paid Add comment

I have a complaint about Sheffield. My credit score is 610,yet because of a felony charge 23 years ago you discriminate against me. No delinquencies $45,000 credit line with a credit Union;yet you discriminate against me due to public opinion of my felony. YOU DO NOT DESERVE MY BUSINESS OR TO EVEN BE IN BUSINESS!!!! Read more

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I had big problems from the start, I purchased a arctic cat atv and had to finance it thru the place I bought it j&j powersports, at the time of purchase they said I would be contacted by the lending company to work out the details. I never heard from them and after about a month I went to the place I bought it from only to find they had gone out of business, not knowing what eles to do I... Read more

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Very unprofessional about talking to me about a repo! The woman had a real *** of an attitude! I will report this so called company to the BBB! Said I cannot catch the payments up today ! Had to let them repo it and go thru another bank to get it back!I think she needs to get laid! It would change the bitchs attitude! This company is a joke!!!!! I will be telling everyone how they treated me as a... Read more

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First of all Sheffield Financial charged a loan origination fee of $71.00, which is understandable, although that wasn't explained to me. But when I went to make a payment, I find that they are going to charge me $5.99 each month I make a payment. But what really took the cake is, being that I am a conservative person, I decided to pay the loan off to keep from making the $5.99 payment each month... Read more

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After getting a loan for a can am atv 3 years ago all was fine until I unexpectedly became permanently disable (long story) Became behind on my payments on my truck house with other banks....I tried calling everyone I owed money to because I went from 800.00 a week income to 837.00 a MONTH from disability every other bank worked with me to make some kind of payment arrangements ..Got in touch... Read more

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i tried to get a loan have a couple things on my credit that show paid in full have fixed credit just bought a home new truck and they cant even finace a forty.two hundred dollar trailor to me get a new professoin people Add comment

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