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Sheffield is a big joke! i went and tried them out even though my buddy told me not to , i got approved for the trailer loan . ok now i got that set up got my trailer on order and when the trailer finally got here i had to resubmit my application and now they wont approve me! i haul for a living and need the trailer . i had to use a different place with no issues! the customer service at sheffield financial is a total joke! you can tell they are... Read more

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My computer stopped working in June 2016, so I mailed them a check in there billing envelope instead of my usual monthly online payment. I own a business so 14 hour days are the norm for me. I received a call from a repo guy today regarding a lawnmower pickup. I called Sheffield and found out "they never received my checks" So I gave them my routing number and checking number and authorized the 2 month payment. I asked why they had not called... Read more

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I was at work when my wife called and said some one was there to repo my trailer,came home called Sheffield, my payment is $110.00 I owed $120.00 I called and paid it up. went to repo man called back so they could talk to him ,they told him to take it even I was up to date. he said he had never seen that before, Sheffield wanted me to pay them$400.00 repo fee then pay the wrecker $75.00 plus storage and it had not left my home. find another fin... Read more

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I financed a motorcycle with them almost 2 yrs ago and am about ready to pay if off. Bought a Kawasaki Ninja ZX 1400. No problems. I will use them again for another bike. Great small loans which keeps your credit diversified while keeping your money in the bank. Keep your payments set to autopay and you will never have to worry. I am very satisfied with them. They are a division of BB&T. My fico is 804, and I have an auto loan & mortgage... Read more

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The division of Sheffield Financial , a division of BB&T has a pure racist as a President and I am ashamed to admit and recognize his stature. His name is Jack Von Snow. The President of this division at Sheffield Financial, a division of BB&T has told a friend of his whom he went to High School named Michael Evan Boggs repeatedly over and over so many times how he hate nigers. It saddens me BB&T would overlook profit over a known racist. I... Read more

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I called Sheffield and got my account payoff balance. This payoff was good through 5/18/16. I paid the full amount of the payoff by 5/11/16. On 6/7/16, I received a bill statement asking for an additional 8.95 for interest. When I called Sheffield's the CSR gave me this long story about how interest is applied and refused to remove the 8.95. The CSR said the interest was from March. Yes March, I called and got my payoff balance in the... Read more

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Don't waste your time applying for credit with these people. I have perfect credit and was denied for a $2500 loan. They are a joke of a finance company.

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My 75 year old Aunt with dementia was ask to sign paperwork for a four wheeler and they would not leave her alone until she signed the paper work for her 13 year step grandson where neither or responsiable for their actions. She is in a nursing Home today, and the law is visiting to make sure the 13 year is in school, oone more day not there, he will be going to reformatory school. If you want your money you should go pick it , the 4 wheeler up... Read more

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I went to trailer dealer to buy a trailer. Dealer suggested me to try Sheffield Financing because this is the bank that they work with. My credit score was about 640, and when dealer tried to apply for the load through Sheffield my application for the loan was denied. I talked to Sheffield customer specialist from the loan department, and he said that the only way to get approved is to have a co-signer with at least 675 credit score. My father... Read more

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I sold a company and the new owner did not pay a note I had signed for with Sheffield. It was my fault and I accepted this. I had to press charges on the buyer while my score dropped 200 points. Guess what... Live and learn. Sheffield is doing what any other company would do. I borrowed from them since and I pay ahead to make sure my score is in the 700s. Get over it if you feel you were screwed. Any other finance outfit would have done... Read more

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