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First let me say my credit score is over 800. I purchased my first house 2 months ago and began paying my bills through an online bill payer for convenience sake. After the 1st payment to Sheffield was electronically drafted from my account Sheffield contacted me saying I was late on my payments that I didn't make my last payment. I contacted my financial institution and they gave me a tracer # showing the payment was received by Sheffield before the loan due date. Late fee was charged and despite my providing documentation that the error was Sheffield's they would not waive it. Before I got this cleared up a 2nd electronic transfer was drafted and guess what - same story. Again late charge - this time higher than the last one since I was still considered delinquent from the previous payment. Again provided the tracer # proving the money had been drafted by Sheffield on time and in the correct amount. They are still saying that the payments weren't received, claiming they can't waive the late fees, and that I am still behind on my loan. See attachment which proved money was taken out of my account by Sheffield x 2.

If you read previous complaints on this forum you will see this is a tactic Sheffield uses regularly to screw with its customers. I got my loan for my 4-wheelers from Sheffield 3 years ago when I had no credit - just out of school. I warn everyone - DO NOT USE SHEFFIELD for any type of financing. They have no respect for customers, have questionable business practices, and will not even admit they are wrong when presented with black and white proof. All I wanted was for them to credit the payments I made and waive the late fees and they wouldn't even do that. BBB and PA Attorney General's office have been contacted.


Central Pennsylvania

Product or Service Mentioned: Sheffield Financial Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $280.

Preferred solution: Correct my account and remove all late fees. Apologize for error. .

I didn't like: Cavalier attitude, Ignored the facts, Repeat problem.

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Sorry boys,We pay direct and have never had an issue. Usually use a CC to get the extra travel points as well. Works great and no issue with Sheffield.


Why are you using a third party bill payer ?

Miami, Florida, United States #1239190

I purchased a $30k motorcycle through Sheffield over 2 yrs ago, and while I received a horrible interest rate (my credit score at that time was around low 700s) and they would only give me a 5 yr loan, my payments are higher than my mortgage! But my income is unverifiable so I had not a lot of options. I have never had an issue with them, and every month, I make the payment to them, online, to be paid on the due date.

Winder, Georgia, United States #1199406

Nonexistent customer service bordering on downright hostile. Never do business with this shady company.

Lincolnton, Georgia, United States #1197450

I financed a Zero Turn Mower (approximately 5000 value) . Last month I sent my last payment to pay off the loan and so far I have never had any problems with Sheffield Financial.

Is it possible that the Electronic Payment mentioned in the preceding comment could have the address or account number or some other simple explanation wrong that is creating their problem.

Every one of my payments have been electronically with absolutely no problem. I would consider Sheffield again anytime I had a need for a loan.

Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, United States #1183321

Does anyone read any more? He got a tracer number FROM HIS BANK "showing the payment was received by Sheffield before the loan due date" Most of these comments are just plain ***!!!


I have paid my bill to Sheffield every month and make an additional payment (example: owe 135, pay 150). Never had a late payment but got a nick on my credit report because a scheduled payment wasn't received....even though I over paid the month before and was ahead of schedule for payments.

Called them to see what happened and they said even though I over pay, if they don't receive a payment they send a negative report to the credit agencies.

what a joke! Awful customer service.


Handle your own money and payments, nobody else will ensure payments are made in a timely manner. Why would anyone use a "payment service" at a cost when they can do it themselves and insure it is done on time?


No problems some people get confused when it comes to money.


Did it do any good to contact bbb?


Have used Sheffield 4 times and never a problem, have 2 current loans for small equipment at a very low rate and am completely satisfied with their service. It's up to you to insure your bills are paid in a timely manner, not your bank.


I use Sheffield Financial twice and have had great success. No late fees.

Of course all of my bills are paid 15 days a head of time. Never a problem with missing payments.

I think this was an isolated incident from a computer glitch and I am dissapointed to hear the treatment you received. If this happens to me, and I have proof from bank I will contact a lawyer and let him take care of it.


BGM what has been the result of the attorney general's findings?

Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States #949126

Sounds to me like you didn't keep enough money in the bank to pay your account

to Yep #1058421

dont be an ***

Holley, New York, United States #929030

We have never had a problem with Sheffield on a lawnmower loan. We directly go on their website and pay our bill online, however.

Banks usually use an outside payer service to process online payments when you set it up through your checking account--and I know our credit union says to allow 7-10 days for the payment processing.

That is why we directly pay to the account holder, rather than using the service through our credit union. Check with your bank and find out how long payments take to process!

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