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After getting a loan for a can am atv 3 years ago all was fine until I unexpectedly became permanently disable (long story) Became behind on my payments on my truck house with other banks....I tried calling everyone I owed money to because I went from 800.00 a week income to 837.00 a MONTH from disability every other bank worked with me to make some kind of payment arrangements ..Got in touch with sheiffield hoping for the same thing I left a message and a man called me back and we talked he said your one month behind and I understand its hard he agreed to let me stay a month behind and just with drawl one payment a month on the 3rd of each month until its paid off so I thought we was ok.....I get a phone call the following month about a week before the 3rd from a lady and had to tell her the same thing that I dont get paid until the 3rd and she could withdrawal a payment as the same the month before she said no you have to have a 190.00 paid by the 29th I explained to her again to no avail.... She put a so called manager on the phone he and I talk the same story over and over again I JUST CANT I DONT HAVE IT !!

I mean I want to I just cant...He says well its out for repossession ETC would not listen to me what so ever !! I told him look if you send someone out to get it call me let me know first ..He says well I dont have to do that ... I am like look I am in a wheel chair never can walk again or defend myself so I carry a gun all the time if some one is in my yard at night I will defend myself I mean how do I know who it is ? He says what did you say I tell him again ...He says well I work for the federal government cause our bank is backed by the FDCU and I take that as a threat ..I said well are we being recorded he says well I don't have to disclose that information ..Even tho I know you have to tell people if they are being recorded Also told me that we have talked with someone that says you may have sold it ( That he CAN NOT do is discuss my contract information with anyone other than the person on the contract (and if he dd that's a lawsuit in its self )but to make a very long story short these people try to use every scare tactic possible and very rude and unprofessional talk like a sailor very pitiful bunch !!!

... I can see myself or someone else filing civil suits against these tactics

This reviewer shared experience about "horrible people" and wants this business to "help work with people act like you care". The author is overall dissatisfied with Sheffield Financial. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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